Heading into a new year…

It is hard to believe that this time in 2018 I was weeks away from heading to Antarctica.


Now almost two years on I’m still amazed by the many opportunities that it has brought my way. I finished last year in a primary school with 9yr olds sharing stories about polar exploration and so far this year I’ve talks lined up with undergraduate primary science teachers and private business to share both my experience in Antarctica and work on Learning for Sustainability.


Learning for Sustainability, Scotland’s approach to sustainability education, is arguably one of the most progressive in the world and it is fairly unique internationally in the way it brings Global Citizenship, Sustainable Development Education and Outdoor Learning together whilst aligning with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. It emphasises transformative action-oriented approaches that aim to engage communities whilst developing kinship with one another and the natural world. In essence it is an approach to life and learning, across all levels, focused on nurturing the values, skills and knowledges needed to develop a more socially-just, equitable and flourishing community, country and world for all.


Given current global events this values-driven approach to education is needed now more than ever and I’m privileged to be part of pushing this forward in 2020.

Learn more about Learning for Sustainability.

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