Current research

  • Curriculum Transformation Programme Fund (2022)
    • Review and Recommendations for upscaling: Sustainability and Social Responsibility UG and PG courses.
    • Two phase project.
      Phase 1: Refresh and restructure content of the online UG and PG courses: Sustainability and Social Responsibility.
      Phase 2: Evaluate and make recommendations for upscaling courses for greater student intake in terms of assessment, teaching and workload/resourcing implications.
  • Principal’s Teaching Award Scheme (2020-2021)
    • Keeping the Door Open: Curating, developing and evolving Edinburgh University teaching in spaces and places within the city and beyond
    • Curate, develop and evolve Edinburgh University teaching in spaces and places across the city. It has two complementary elements: the development of a geospatial interactive mapping tool; and research which creatively captures stories of teaching beyond the classroom.
  • MARCH Network Plus (2020-2021)
    • Natural Outdoor Environments and Mental Health: Developing Sustainability Indicators using a Cross-Disciplinary and Multi-Stakeholder Approach
    • Advisory Board Member
    • To develop Sustainability Indicators for the effective and equitable use of outdoor natural environments, in the treatment of mental health problems, and the promotion of mental health

Previous grants held

  • Scottish Universities Insight Initiative (2020-2021)
    • Education for climate justice: Centring social justice amidst demands to ‘prioritise the climate crisis in education’
    • Partnership with University of Edinburgh, University of St Andrews, Centre for climate Justice, Teach the Future Scotland.
    • Series of Knowledge Exchange Events inviting interdisciplinary discussion to advance future thinking by sharpening our analysis of education for climate justice through focusing on its decolonisation, its relationship to activism and its affective dimensions.
  • Connecting Classrooms and Global Learning Practitioner Fund, British Council (2019-20)
    • Whole school approach to Learning for Sustainability
    • Practitioner enquiry focused action research project with a Community Campus (3-18 year olds) examining whole school approaches to Learning for Sustainability and issues of culture, ethos and leadership.
    • Ongoing research in partnership with Learning for Sustainability Scotland and a Community Campus.
  • British Council (2018-21)
    • Learning for Sustainability/ Connecting Classrooms professional Learning for Teachers.
    • Consortium project bringing together International Development Education Association Scotland, Scotland Malawi Partnership, Learning for Sustainability Scotland and the University of Edinburgh.
  • Principal’s Teaching Award Scheme (2017-2019)
    • Climate Justice Education.
    • Two year study involving climate activists, teachers and NGOs to examine the opportunities and challenges of developing a curriculum for climate justice in Scotland.
  • Scottish Government (2019)
    • Literature review: Examining the Educational outcomes of Learning for Sustainability.
  • British Council (2015-18) 
    • Learning for Sustainability/Connecting Classrooms Professional Learning Services for Teachers
  • PRISMA (2015-17)
    • Erasmus funded project led by the Reykjavík Nature School at the Department of Education and Youth in Reykjavik City, Iceland developing pre-school teacher job-shadowing between thirteen preschools in Reykjavík and five host countries (Scotland, Norway, Sweden, Belgium, Slovenia) with the aim of developing a pan-European understanding of outdoor learning and education for sustainable development.
  • Scottish Universities Insight Initiative (2014)
    • Walking for Wellbeing: Developing sustainable engagement between research, policy and practice. Project funded by Scottish Universities Insight Initiative
  • Seedcorn Fund, University of Edinburgh (2012)
    • Exploring the multi-dimensional potential of outdoor learning; a critical review of literature.
  • Field Studies Council (2012)
    • The impact of outdoor learning experiences on attitudes to sustainability: a brief review of literature. (review funded by Field Studies Council)
  • Forestry Commission Scotland (2012)
    • The impact of outdoor learning experiences on attainment and behaviour in schools. (review funded by Forestry Commission Scotland)
  • Esmee Fairbairn Foundation (2011)
    • A Natural Curriculum: Improving the quality and availability of outdoor learning experiences in schools.
  • Natural England/Groundworks Northumberland (2010)
    • Evaluation of the Greenways to Health Initiative
  • ESRC (2010)
    • Member of the Outdoors and Health Network. ESRC grant no. RES-355-25-0040.

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