MSc dissertation supervision
  • Supervised/supervising 64 MSc students to completion (since 2013).
  • Programmes covered: MSc Learning for Sustainability; MSc Outdoor Environmental Sustainability; MSc Outdoor Education.
PhD current
  • Chris Mackie – The role of the natural heritage in supporting learning and development in Scotland (Magnus Magnusson Scottish Natural Heritage PhD studentship) (started 2017)
  • Louise Hawxwell –  An exploration into the impact of outdoor experiences on the perceptions and practices of trainee teachers over the course of their undergraduate study and into their NQT year – a longitudinal study. (started 2014)
  • Sharon Boyd – Fostering student-community engagement activities at distance – the role of the University as change-agent. (started 2014)
PhD Completed
  • Ethan Lewis – Identity, space, place and power: An ethnographic study  of a community garden. (2022)
  • Abdul Kahlid The nature and scope of outdoor education in the city-state of Singapore. (2018)

PhD Examinations

  • Cathy Francis – Becoming Naturish: Exploring children’s embodied connections with nature. (2021).
  • Leire Agirreazkuenaga Onaindia Local answer for a Global issue. Education for sustainability: governance and implementation  from key actors perspective in the Basque Autonomous Community.Development Studies Doctoral Program, University of the Basque Country (2020).
  • Jakob Frimman Þorsteinsson – The Nature, Value and Role of Outdoor Education in Iceland – Eðli, gildi og hlutverk útimenntunar á Íslandi. University of Iceland, Reykjaivk, Iceland. Interim Evaluation (2019). 
  • Matluba Khan – Environment, Engagement and Education: Investigating the relationship between primary school grounds and children’s learning: A case study from Bangladesh. Edinburgh College of Art, School of Landscape Architecture, University of Edinburgh (2017).
  • Asma Khanum – Environmentally Conscious Global Citizens: An Evolution from Environmental Education to Sustainable Development Education in Pakistan. College of Social Sciences, University of Glasgow (2017).
  • Sharifah Intan Sharina Syed Abdullah – An Investigation into the Influence of Outdoor Environmental Education Courses on the Environmental Attitude and Behaviours of Malaysian Participants: A life history approach. Moray House school of Education, University of Edinburgh (2016).