Climate justice education book chapter published…

50791514_142079370059797_5453362117950308352_n (1)

I’m delighted to see our co-authored chapter ‘Climate Justice Education: From social movement learning to schooling’  published in the Routledge Handbook of Climate Justice.

This chapter was an important one for Callum McGregor and I to write together as it fed into the development of a joint Principal Teaching Award Scheme grant application, which saw us awarded funding for a two-year project focusing on climate justice education.

51073027_294283064604943_6119213234311397376_n (1)

Our subsequent research project considers the issue of climate justice education in more detail. Specifically it considers the potential of a curriculum for climate justice through a collaborative investigation of the challenges and opportunities for climate change education with a particular focus on social justice.  This project is being developed with fantastic research support from Mary Collacott.  You can read more about it here.

Routledge Handbook of Climate Justice book details are available here – please contact me if you wish to know more about the chapter or the research project.

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