Mapping the Voyage

When I’m asked to talk about Antarctica, a common question is ‘what will you actually do when you’re out there?’. So with only 78 days to go I’m turning my attention to the detail of the actual expedition.

Before we go I’ve an ever increasing list of tasks from insurance, travel clinic appointments, kit checks to sponsorship meetings that I need to keep up with. This is balanced alongside the research preparation, reflective work and the early morning/late night whole group online meetings which are core to the larger 12 month project we’re all part of.

To illustrate what we’ll do when we’re there I’ve created (read edited, thanks Nina(@NINjAitsu)!) a map to highlight my route to and within Antarctica. There are a number of landing sites plotted, these are just proposed for now as our final route is subject to the changing sea-ice and weather conditions. Throughout the 3-week expedition in Antarctica (and in Ushuaia both pre and post) we’ve a mix of off-ship work and on-ship research meetings and discussions – all with the aim of building upon and developing the knowledge and collaborations our HB2018 team have been crafting since March of this year.

Getting close now… #78days #teamHB2018 🇦🇶️😊❄️ 

You can view the full interactive map here.






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